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Scott McDougall from Portland, OR might be the last of the true Romantic-era troubadours: a bardic-like, almost fantasy character that arrives in town with a bass drum on his back and guitar in hand, and sets up at the local pub to sing songs, spin tales, slay lonesome moments, and save the spiritually repressed before whisking out of town like something out of a dream. The puffy beard, the cherubic features, his skill with wit, instrument, and lyric delivered with a wisp of Renaissance flair, he’s like an archetype pulled right out of the glossy illustrations of childhood fable.

Colorado Music Buzz

McDougall of Portland, Oregon, a one-man orchestra. Singing with an exaggerated bravado, he grabbed the attention of the crowd immediately. What truly impressed me was his ability to play the guitar (or banjo, as needed), keep the bass drum pounding, alternately clashing the cymbals, and even playing the harmonica, at times. Had I not been watching him, I would have sworn there were at least a couple other musicians up on stage.

Mountain Weekly News

What sets McDougall apart from most of the Americana revivalists is that instead of telling folk stories and singing from an outside view of daily struggle, he internalizes it, expresses it from a direct experience and thus immediately finds an easy connection with his listener.

The Met Online

Scott McDougall plays the kind of pure, stripped-down music that’s hard to find nowadays.

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